“The Santa Claus Experience brought Christmas to life once again! Elliot is seven years old now and this year his classmates have started discussing Santa not being real. I type this with happy tears in my eyes, because of the Santa Claus Experience with you, Elliot put aside anything anyone has said and let his heart still believe in Christmas magic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” -Danielle Rybski


“Oh….my….gosh!!! I am in tears, happy tears, looking at the kids pictures. The effects you added catapulted them from great, to breathtaking! Thank you so, so much for these beautiful memories!” -Eryn Leonard


“We wanted to thank you for such a wonderful Santa experience! You did an amazing job and your work is beautiful! We look forward to sharing our pics with friends and family.” -Kershuk Family


“Thank you for a wonderful experience with Santa yesterday! My granddaughter really enjoyed herself! Can’t wait to see our pictures!” -Becky Triplett


“It was amazing to watch our children with Santa. Our daughter can be so shy but she was so happy throughout the entire expereince.” -Leonard Family


“The older our oldest son gets, the closer we are to him losing belief. This experience every year brings back all of the Christmas magic to make him keep believing.” -Danielle Rybski


“I loved it! It brought tears to my husband’s eyes. (don’t tell him I told you)” – Jodi Kershuk


“It was so much fun to see the kids reactions. Our favorite part was the hot chocolate bar and the holiday sets!” -Heather Schmidt


“I loved having all three kids together with Santa.” -Jodi Fogle


“My kids are difficult to get a good picture and sit still, but you got it, good job!” -Bryon Beresford


“5 out of 5 stars enjoyed the entire expereince.” -Shawn Bable


“I was filled with joy watching the kids with Santa and I felt like I had lots of time to choose the right photos.” -Becky Coffman


“Every part of the experience was our favorite we were so excited watching the kids with Santa. We were very happy! Still smiling!” -Carol Bowman


“It was a lot of fun, the kids had a good time.” -Dr. Jamie Etzel


“My girls loved the hot chocolate bar and were excited and nervous t meet the real Santa, I love that they believe in the spirit!” -Erin Howard


“It was very sweet, loved seeing their smiles. The hot chocolate bar and holiday set were my favorites.” -Amy Gasber


“5 out of 5 stars. Wonderful experience!” -Chrissy Stack


“I was very pleased with the experience especially considering her age. She was very excited. Thank you!” -Melissa Chaplin


“I smiled the entire time!” -Amy Spencer


“Great experience all around!” -Jessica Crawford


“My favorite part was the interaction with Santa and watching the joy on my kids faces.” -Kelly Suriano


“5 out of 5 stars! Very relaxed atmosphere, good props!” -Shanna Kutis


“My favorite parts were Santa and the hot chocolate bar!” -Patty Barnhart


“5 out of 5 stars! Top Notch! Enjoyed everything, very heartwarming.” -Jennifer Weese


“Seeing my child’s excitement was wonderful. Absolutely loved every minute!” -Lynsie Philipps


“5 out of 5 stars! Good work!” -Rickilyn Roberts


“It was great to see the kids exctied to see Santa and find their name on the nice list.” -Tara Dodds