What to Expect

Incredible, magical, brought back memories from my childhood!.

– Megan Phillips, Wheeling, WV

Unforgettable Memories
Stress Free
Interactive Experience

looking into Santa’s magic red bag
seeing Santa’s magic snow globes
toasting with milk and cookies
your child’s name on the nice list
and so much more!

No waiting in line.
A private session.
Hot Chocolate Bar with homemade cookies and goodies.

Experience the Magic

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic and wonder of Christmas through the eyes of your child. It was our goal to create a place where Christmas magic exists, where visiting with the real Santa is possible, and we have done just that. Many a happy tear has been shed as parents look on with nostalgia while watching their kids interact with Santa. Perhaps the most unique part of our experience can be credited to the fact that Santa actually knows the children on a personal level, often talking with them or joking with them about their recent lost tooth or big win at T-Ball.

Travel from near and far

The Santa Claus Experience has become a family tradition for families all accross the Ohio Valley. Each year we have more demand than we can handle, so don’t hesitate to schedule yours far in advance. Families travel from all over to experience the magic, including Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, PA, Wheeling, WV, St. Clairsville, OH, Fairmont, WV, Morgantown, WV, Charleston, WV, Bellaire, OH, Belmont, OH, and beyond!

More than pictures, it’s an experience

Your child will receive his or her own private appointment with Santa, giving them a real chance to visit with the man in red. They will be in awe of Santa’s magic snow globes and excited to discover what’s in his red bag. Don’t forget to leave a Christmas list with the Jolly Old Soul, I bet he’ll give you something in return!

Our entire experience is interactive and although we may subtly make changes in position or angle most children leave with barely a recollection of ever having their picture taken. This is the beauty of this enchanting session. It is all about the interaction and like a fly on the wall we capture it in stunning imagery that will forever fill your heart and your home with memories from such a small window of time where belief in the magic of Christmas fills the heart of a child.

What’s included

At your private session your children will get to experience the magic of Santa and then you will have an adults only viewing session immediately following, where you will place your memorable keepsake order. Already included in your experience price is a private session with Santa Claus, our Hot Chocolate Bar complete with homemade hot chocolate, cookies, marshmallows, and more! Wall art, albums, gift prints and other products are not included in your experience price but can be purchased at your order session immediately following your experience where you will view your pictures. All of your ordred art pieces will have full artistry and added “magic” to make each picture come alive and transform into a true work of art. Our most popular items are our treasured storybook albums complete with a Christmas poem, wall art, and Christmas cards. We also have gift prints, ornaments and much, much more.

Bring the whole family

No matter where you’re traveling from, be it Pittsburgh, PA, St. Clairsville, OH or right down the road in Wheeling, WV all of this is what awaits you at the Santa Claus Experience. Experience Price is $299.

Families wanting to do both children and family portraits must book two sessions as time will only allow for one or the other but not both during a single session.

What about extended families? Our experience price is for immediate family members only, however we would be happy to schedule extended families back to back and capture a group shot together at no extra charge.

A Letter From Santa

A Special Add-On To Enhance Your Experience

If you want to enhance the magic, make sure you elect for your children to receive a letter from Santa in the postal mail prior to their visit. This is such an added special experience to share with your children at your home! They will be so surprised when they receive a personalized letter in the mail from Santa himself! Most of our clients add this to their experience and keep the letter tucked safely inside the pages of their storybook as an additional keepsake.

How does the letter from Santa work?

This is where the excitement begins, even before your children even step foot in our studio! You’ll fill out a form telling us about your child(ren) and Santa will write them a letter and send it to your home 3 to 5 days before your session. They’ll be so surprised to know that Santa has indeed been watching! He’ll know about that new milestone or lost tooth or tee-ball championship! This is a keepsake for you so make sure you write about things you’ll want to look back on about this time in their life! You’ll want to keep it tucked safely inside the pages of your child’s storybook so that each year you’ll have this additional piece of nostalgia to look back on.

More than just pictures, this is Art

We are photographers, yes, but more than that we are classically trained artists. It is our mission to provide you with more than pictures with Santa. We want to give you an art piece that will serve as a family heirloom. Many photographers can provide pictures to their clients but far less can provide artwork that will stand the test of time. Your Santa pictures will be transformed into works of art. In fact, we specialize in Fine Art Paintings so your photograph can be transformed into a painted masterpiece. Your family and friends will be shocked to find that the artistry on the front of your Christmas card is of your children. Yes, your imagery will be that picturesque.

The excitement on my children’s faces left a lasting impression on our memory.

– Natalie Brown, St. Clairsville, OH